Windows Mobile Momentum

As companies evaluate mobile platforms for long-term bets, they look for indicators of momentum which give them the confidence their investment will be supported and improved in the years to come. The worst scenario for an IT person is to go to the CIO and tell him their current platform is in a dead-end and that they…


Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for the Blackjack finally here!

The Windows Mobile 6 update for the Blackjack has been finally released!!  Download it from this link The upgrade instructions seem very complicated, but in reality you need to install some USB drivers and run an application, which will not work on a Vista machine. UPDATE: My apologies – I jumped the gun, the update…


Hp releases the 210 iPAQ

HP is apprently now shipping the iPAQ 210 handheld PDA . Here are the specs: Windows Mobile 6 Classic Edition (a.k.a PocketPC) 624 Mhz processor, 128MB RAM 4″ touch screen, 640×480 resolution 802.11 b/g with WPA What makes this PDA especiallly appealing to organizations deploying hundreds of them for on-premise applications (hospitals, manufacturing plants, universities,…

Sun’s acquisition of MySQL

I recently blogged about how many unsuccessful great technologies with no chance of being monetized are donated to the Open Source movement to get rid of them and get the Open Source community to support them as great acts of charity and support for the community. Interestingly, the opposite happened this week: Sun acquired MySQL….


How to Hard Reset your Windows Mobile phone

I tried to compile information on how to hard reset most Windows Mobile phones. If I am missing any device please let me know using the contact form on this blog. I will keep this updates with new phones as they become available. Sprint Touch – Hard reset is done by holding the green and red…


Great case study about a large company standardizing on Windows Mobile

Cyrtec is a chemical and materials company with 6,600 employees. A few months ago the IT department evaluated different mobile solutions. They decided to standardize on Windows Mobile. It is a very interesting case study you can read on this link. Two interesting quotes: Another positive factor was that the solution didn’t require Cytec to use…


The 700Mhz Auction and Building a Wireless network

I haven’t been following the 700Mhz auction closely. It is only a few days until the process starts. At CTIA, Steve Ballmer was asked if Microsoft was interested in participating and he answered that Microsoft would not as it is not the company’s core value proposition to own spectrum or build and operate a wireless network….


Bono uses a Blackjack and other interesting revelation in Bill Gates’ last day video

Incredibly funny. Check it out on this link to MSN Video! It is part of his goodbye-CES speech. fetured guests include Brian Williams, Steve Ballmer, Matthew McConaugheyr, Robbie Bach, Jay-Z, Bono, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Kevin Turner, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie, Seems a higher-res version is…


Why the REDFLY will succeed where the Foleo failed

Celio Corp. announced a new device called the REDFLY Mobile Companiion, which looks a lot like the never-launched palm Foleo. While Eric Zeman thinks it will fail as well, I have a strong hunch it will succeed. It seems I am not the only one.  (picture of the Celio REDFLY) First, let me say that…


I Love my Zune

Got a 4Gb black Zune for the Holidays and I love it.  It seems to be a trend- take a look at this article from Joe Wilcox where he makes a point about Zune’s increasing popularity, and he mentions the packaging – I just now realized I also saved the packaging, it is so beautiful….