Windows Mobile Line-Up for the Holidays

I hope everyone had a great Holiday.  

With the launch of the Sprint Motorola Q9c we have the complete Holiday line-up for Windows Mobile phones. This is the best portfolio of WIndows Mobile 6 phones that US businesses and consumers have ever had a chance to get. If you add the Windows Mobile 5 phones (and one Windows Mobile 2003 SE phone!!) still on carrier's shelves, plus the non-stock devices (typicaly ruggedized devices) there are over 30 Windows MObile models in the US.


The significance of this is two fold: one, it gives people choice: a mobile phone is a very personal device. You have youf family photos, phones for your firends, your email, etc. People have different preferences in terms of size, keyboard, color, etc. Phones are more than functional devices thy are also personal accesories, fashion statements if you will, that express your personality. For men, they are as important as the car you drive, shoes you wear or pen you use.

Second, the variety of choices also means companies can use Windows Mobile to support a variety of scenarios: from the delivery guy who needs a semi-rugged unit with GPS to the warehouse to the sales manager to the executive and his assistant, there is a Windows Mobile phone that will serve their needs - and all looke xactly the same to the IT department.

Of course this can mean complexity, if the IT department must support all these 30+ phone models, or more in an international environment. But there are simple ways to simplify this. A few of our customers have chosen two or three models they support (i.e. the Motorola Q9 which is available with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and also as an unlocked phone). If you as an employee want a phone that is not in the short-list, then you can do it as long as it meets a minimum version requirement (i.e. Windows Mobile 5 with MSFP) but you should not expect any device-specific support from IT.

If you are looking for a new phone this Holiday, this is the time! Most carriers still have a few black Friday specials going!

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