Windows Mobile Line-Up for the Holidays

I hope everyone had a great Holiday.   With the launch of the Sprint Motorola Q9c we have the complete Holiday line-up for Windows Mobile phones. This is the best portfolio of WIndows Mobile 6 phones that US businesses and consumers have ever had a chance to get. If you add the Windows Mobile 5 phones (and one…


Windows Mobile versus RIM – a platform perspective

Microsoft just announced the launch of Visuak Studio 2008, which is close to my heart as I was part of the team that launched Visual Studio 2005. With VS2008 (codenamed Orcas), Microsoft is also making available the .net framework 3.5 and the .net Compact Framework 3.5.Visual Studio 2008 and .NET CF 3.5 provide a number…


The Verizon i760

Verizon launched the Samsung i760 without making much noise. A few people around the office got it and they love it! It is a powerful, fast Windows Mobile 6 Professional phone. As with the Blackjack, I expect a high level of quality. It looks great nd feels solid. If you want to learn more, check…


More Mobility features in Exchange SP1

The Exchange team has been building new features in Exchange 2007 SP1, which will be relased shortly. These are GREAT features although we have not made a lot of noise about them because they require an update to WIndows Mobile 6. For a sneak peek, look at the Exchange Blog post here


Creating new documents in Office Mobile with WM6 Standard (a.k.a. Smartphone)

  I am reading a blog about the Pantech Duo which seems to be the third time this week I hear this as a limitation. I am not sure why our product team did this (I am sure there is a perfectly sensible reason) but it is true: with Windows Mobile 6 Standard edition (previously…


Get a T-Mobile Shadow for only $79.99

Like we did with the Dash and the Wing, T-Mobile is offering a very special pricing for all Microsoft Partners, Developers and IT Pros on one of the coolest looking phones in the market. It comes with Windows Mobile 6, Office Mobile (opens Office 2007 XML documents), Live Search, a 20-key slide-out keyboard and a very…


PC Magazine Windows Mobile roundup

PC Magazine has a good review on some of the newer Windows Mobile 6 devices including the AT&T Tilt, Q9h Global, Sprint Mogul, Verizon Q9m and Samsung i760. I hope thy are planning an update later with the AT&T Duo, Verizon 5800 and T-Mobile Shadow. Despite being a year old, I would still throw the Dah in…



I was a big Commodore 64 fan. So much that before starting college I had my own company reselling Commodore 64 computers. I was the first guy in Latin America to own an Amiga computer. Over the weekend someone pointed me to Incredimazing where I found this scan for a Commodore 64 ad showing an…


The Samsung i620v

I usually don’t play with phones that are not available in the US. Lats week a co-worker shwed me his i620v (in White) and I was very impressed. The screen is bright, the keyboard felt good , but above all, the phone looks fantastic in person. Really beautiful. And small. But still fully functional. Samsung…