Kudos to Palm and Jeff Hawkins

The Foleo is probably going to go down in history as one of the big product flunks, but tthat's OK. No, it is actually commendable. Thanks Jeff, I mean it, for being an innovator. The foleo could be a good idea that will get some time to people to understand or could be a bad idea, it does not matter . We need to thank Jeff Hawkins and all other innovators who take risks and create new ideas. If you are not failing you are not innovating.

Without the Lisa there probably would not be a Mac today. Without the Amiga computer, multimedia could have taken many more years to become a reality. Microsoft has Bob and countless other products that did not work. Getting a completely new idea to the market takes guts. Kudos, Jeff.

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  1. Ben Combee says:

    Hey, Gerardo!  I didn’t know you had a blog.  Remember me from Metrowerks 🙂  I’m actually one of the main tech leads on the Foleo project.  I certainly hope we’re not the Lisa of the product space… we’ll see how the market really reacts when they have a chance to use it.  For our target audience, I think we’ll do OK, and we’re certainly planning on using that experience to widen the appeal with later versions of the system.

  2. Mike Edwards says:

    According to a PC Pro article, this has now been scrapped.


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