A Geek stuck in SFO

While I am a Marketer and consider myself a business guy, I am pretty technical - I have programmed in numerous languages (from Pascal and 6510 Assembly to C++), I have set up numerous networks using Netware 3.11 and WIndows NT and I have a pretty deep technical understanding of server and mobile technologies. I am flattered when someone thinks I am an engineer. However, I did not consider myself a complete geek - until today.

My flight back fron San Francisco basically got delayed by a couple hours: there was a mechanicakl problem with the aircraft and everyone had to deplane and wait until a new plane flew in to take us back to Seatte. As we came back into the terminal I found an AC plug in the wall (SFO is probably the only airport to have plenty of those) and "set up" mu mobile office which consisted of the following: 

  • Toshiba M4 tablet running Vista with 2 gigs of RAM

  • My primary phone, a Windows Mobile 6 dash

  • My secondary phone, a Samsung Blackjack

  • Samsung MP3 player

  • Sound Cancelling headphones

  • Plantronics Bluetooth headset

  • Sprint EVDO Rev A USB modem

  • Microsoft portable mouse

  • My 1Gb fash drive/laser pointer/flashlight/keychain

I think this qualifies me as a Geek, even in the Bay Area. As I write this I am thinking of how many ways I have to access the web: Wi-Fi (Free HostSpot with my T-Mo data plan), CDMA EVDO Rev.A with my data card and EDGE using my dash or UMTS thorugh the Blackjack. Welcome to the age of pervasive connectivity.


Comments (2)

  1. Alex Barnett says:

    Did you forget the spare battery for the Toshiba M4 tablet and 4GB SanDisk USB key?

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    You know me too well, Alex – yes I had an extra battery for my M4, an air charger and a 4Gb  Flashdrive – but did not use them at the gate 🙂


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