Windows Live for Windows Mobile

Windows Live was launched without much fanfare and is built into most WIndows Mobile 6 phones (some carriers replace it with their own email clients). I can't live withour the Local Search - it is awesome!

Besides being a great example of what a smart client application can do (fast response, local data een when there is no connection, etc.) I find Live Search tremendously useful when on the road - locally or when traveling. I use it to find addresses, directions and restaurants as well as to get real time traffic updates.

I am not a big user of messenger or spaces but I do find Live Mail very convenient - I get Push HTML email from my Hotmail account on my phone.

You can learn more about Windows Live search at this new microsite

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    But that’s only for the US and UK (way to globalise, guys).

    Contrary to assumptions which are often made, other countries *do* actually exist and have inhabitants, many of whom are familiar with the operation of mobile devices.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Kevin, sorry – I am US based and US focused, so many of my comments are not aplicable worldwide – they should, after all, Blogs are global. I promise to include more global info – except for special offers which are typically regional.

    Live is supported by our global product team, it supports multiple countries. My brother in Mexico uses it: both for maps and Hotmail. It is true, however, that many countries have not standardized their addresses in a consistent way – try to find any address in Mexico City – even with a map!

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