Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for the T-Mobile Dash available NOW!

You have been waiting for this moment - the first Windows Mobile 6 phone in the US is available now . Sorry, this will only work with T-Mobile Dashes (not with unlocked HTC units).

I have been using this build for the last few weeks and it works incredibly well. Some of my favorite features include:

  • Search your email as you type and the ability to search your server

  • HTML email - both for Exchange as well as Hotmail and others

  • Mobile Office - true Excel, Powerpoint and Word on SMartphone - sorry Standard edition

  • Ability to reply to meeting orgazniers "sorry, I am running 5 minutes late"

  • Live Local search built in

  • Setting my Out of the Office autoreply from my phone

  • IE is much improved


Comments (3)

  1. GerardoDada says:

    Today T-Mobile is announcing the Wing, the first new Windows mobile 6 phone available in the US. Of course,

  2. danjm says:

    When T-Mobile Dash is upgraded the voice dialing capability is disabled. T-Mobile is uncooperatice in resolving the problem.

    Microsoft is also un-helpfull at resolving the problem unless you pay them $35.

    Even though both T-Mobile and Microsoft are aware of this problem neather off this information to the end user before the upgrade is done.

    T-Mobile offers no way to restor the Dash to pre-upgrade version (Windows Mobile 5) of Windows Mobile.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Even if you pay the $35 to Microsoft, they are completely baffled why one would consider it a problem.  Apparently, voice dial can be done, but not using your hands-free – you must talk directly into the phone!  (stupid)  And no, once you upgrade, you can’t downgrade; you’re stuck.  Stupid upgrade.

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