How is Windows Mobile doing?

I get this question a lot - and being a public company of course I cannot share any confidential information beyond what has been published. Last week Wireless Week published an interview with Pieter Knook in which you can find a few interesting datapoints:

  • "According to our second quarter 2007 fiscal earnings..Licenses for Windows Mobile-based phones exceeded 3 million units" that's almost 50% of RIM's total installed base in one quarter!=

  • "Windows Mobile has established itself as the fastest growing mobile OS in the world with a rate of growth more than three times that of Symbian or Research in Motion"

  • "Just this fiscal year, Windows Mobile has more than 120 enterprise deployments of more than 1,000 units with 30% of those being competitive wins from existing RIM customers" - and we are starting to see 10,000+ device deployments and opportunities increase rapidly

To read the full article go to Wireless Week CTIA Show Daily archives then open Day 1 edition, go to Page 54

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