Windows Mobile 6 upgrades available for three AT&T (Cingular) models

Today at the CTIA keynote by Pieter Knook is announcing AT&T will make free upgrades available to customers who buy (or already have) a Blackjack, Palm Treo 750 or Cingular 8525. This in addition to the announcement made at 3GSM from T-Mobile on upgradeability for the Dash. Engadget got this right in their post yesterday athough I am not sure I agree wtih all the other details around timing, etc.

The announcement should make a decision to buy a device now easier for individuals all the way to large companies who can now invest in these phones knowing there is an upgrae for their investment to get the benefits from the new platform.


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  1. szurgot says:

    Well, I think that finalizes that decision to get a 8525… I’ll have it in my hands before the week is out. <grin>

  2. JasperM says:

    This, somewhat, illustrates the major difference between telecomm here in the US and overseas.  In the US the carriers have all of the power, overseas, it is the OEM that has more power.  The US requires the OEM to market to the carriers, whereas overseas the OEM markets directly to consumers.  

    That is what I see, at least, coming from working for an OEM.  That is also why overseas has all of the cool features, because the consumer is willing to pay for them.  In the US the carrier has be willing to pay for them.

    This is why the decisions of WM6 upgrades were left up to the carriers, not the OEM.


  3. FuzyBaffy says:

    I wouldn’t do it, I just wouldn’t do it man.  They are releasing the HTC P4550 Kaiser in June.  Whoever gets it will get my cash.  Probably Cingular but I pray Tmob and they still have that dev offer with 1 year contract.  That would be bonkers.  The Kaiser si the next ver of the 8525 has a screen that slides then swivels like a laptop, is 4mm thinner, and has 10% more battery life.  Woopie.  But I can’t wait for WM6 the web browser is as fast as opera in this version and has better compatibility.  

  4. Jvaught says:

    Any word on an upgrade to the Sprint 700wx? I read an article here ->

    that made me think the memory and processor requirements would be compatible.

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    Jasper, while you are right the carriers still have a lot of power in the rest of the world, more than what is apparent.

    Jvaught, most phones with WIndows Mobile 5.0 have the hardware needed to run Windows Mobile 6. The challenge is in the economic model behind the engineering and testing required, as explained in an earlier post.

  6. disappointed says:

    3 months later still no upgrade!

  7. nguy6767 says:

    Anyone knows if the wm6 is available yet and if yes how to download it?

  8. LANGuru says:

    Google the leaked quasi-official WM6 AT&T 8525 vanilla image and load it.  So far the only bizarre issue I’ve hit is that I can run my work VPN over BlueTooth and MEdia Net like before, albeit slowly, but the USB tether mode is broken (and yes, I’ve spent hours in the fora and on-line with AT&T and work Service Desks).  Something inhibits the VPN tunnel creation over USB but is missing from BlueTooth.  Otherwise, this leaked image is working better in every aspect than the latest WM5 it replaced.

  9. MSDN Archive says:

    I know it has been a long time – the good news is that is coming in a few weeks. I strongly suggest against unlocking your phone and loading leaked WM6 upgrades as they may prevent you from upgrading to the final image. The final image that AT&T is working on will have several optimizations for AT&T’s network, possibly bug fixes and/or additional features, the right keyboard mapping, etc.

    Hold on!!

  10. still disapointed says:

    still no WM6 yet for us 8525 owners… this is sad, really really sad.  C’mon AT&T, where is the much needed upgrade?!?!

  11. da schnugger says:

    Upgraded my 8525 to WM6 the other day.  It’s taken my battery life from about 2 days to about 6 hours.  This makes the phone just about unusable!  I will be going back to WM5, ugh.

  12. MSDN Archive says:

    Wow – something must be wrong, maybe WiFi is on? Most poeople experience a good increase in battery life after the upgrade

  13. Greg says:

    I have the same problem.  BAttery life went from 2 days to about 6-8 hours…added no additional features, just upgraded to Mobile 6.  Wondering if there’s a setting defaulted in 6, that wasn’t set in 5?  this is very frustrating.  I have purchased 2 new batteries, and they all ahve the same time.  6-8 hours.

    Thanks for any help on this issue.


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