The Dash is now only $49.99 for Developers

This offer is only available through this "secret link". There is a test 🙂 - the process to get to order is not as simple as we would like it to be, but hey, you are saving a $300 dollars (via rebate):  Select "Save on the latest devices from T-Mobile" in the next page select "Click Here for Discounts" then "View Products" and last "Handhelds and PDAs"

The $49.99 is only for new activations, does not include activation fee, and only requires a one year commitment, which is pretty good. The better news is that you will be able to upgrade it to Windows Mobile 6 via a sofwtare download soon.

UPDATE: To get the 1 year contract you must playe your order over the phone - please call 1-866-464-8662  and metion promo code: Windows Mobile

2nd UPDATE: No, you can't get this offer at retail


Comments (7)

  1. Based in the US? Want to get a Windows Mobile phone for developing software? Want to be able to upgrade

  2. Jerry says:

    Thats cool – and again US only.

    When do you start such things for us in europe ?

  3. Ron says:

    it says 24 months minimum not 12!

  4. Malatesta says:

    Yup, when I went through the process I get this for the Dash:

    Price:   $99.99 (24 month subscription)

    Still…very tempting!  Too bad I just bought a Q with Sprint though.

    Get ’em to lower it to $49 with 12 months and I’ll reconsider or WM6 on the Q, whichever is easier 😉

  5. Brian says:

    can you get this offer in retail locations as well?

  6. got em says:

    Just orddered one. One year contract, and a free 512mb sd card to go with it. Free shipping

  7. GerardoDada says:

    Today T-Mobile is announcing the Wing, the first new Windows mobile 6 phone available in the US. Of course,

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