Windows Mobile 6 for Developers

A few quick links to learn more about WM6 for Developers:

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  1. בשבוע שעבר בביקור בסיאטל לא יצא לי לשחק עם Windows Mobile 6,כנראה שכל המכשירים היו בדרך ל 3GSM. אז שאלתי

  2. GerardoDada says:

    A few weeks ago I blogged about What’s New in Windows Mobile 6 for Developers, you can also check the

  3. ken says:

    Hi there I was wondering I jsut bought a cingular 8525 today with ATT. Will I automatically get the WM6 or do I have to upgrade it myself?

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    The update will be available in a few weeks. You will need to download it to your PC, backup everything on your phone (except what ins synceed -email, favorites, etc), and run the upgrade software which takes about 5 minutes.

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