Congrats RIM on your new BlackBerry, now it is our turn…

Congratulations to RIM on launching a new BlackBerry - which looks a lot like the Q or the Black Jack ....wait a minute, wasn't RIM the one suing other phone manufacturers for trademark infringement? now how is the copycat?

 While I know the pearly EDGE-capable (wow! EDGE?) 8800 will do OK, just this morning the world learned of a few Windows Mobile 6 phones:

  • Toshiba G900 : 800x480 display (yes, WVGA!), biometrics, tri-band HSDPA, WiFi

  • Toshiba E01

  • HTC Vox - very sweet 12 key with sliding keyboard, really small

  • The GSM Q - the long wait is over!

  • A new Q9 - Quad EDGE +HSDPA, 256Mb memory

  • HP iPAQ 510 voice messenger

  • ASUS Aries - tri-band UMTS, 520 Mhz processor, QWERTY, scroll wheel

  • The multi-colored, SLVR-like i-Mate SPL

  • iMate Ultimate 5150, 256Mb+120Mb memory, VGA camera

  • iMate JAQ4 Q-like QWERTY Professional Edition (touchscreen)

  • LG has announced a few very cool Windows mobile phones

  • Orange SPV E650

  • Samsung SPH-M8100 WiMax (yes, 4G !)

And these are just the ones you can find on I am sure there will be more in the next few days

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