T-Mobile Dash $99 – "secret" link

Posting again in case you missed it ...deal will expire soon! 

We worked with T-Mobile to offer a really good deal for all .NET developers on the T-Mobile smartphones. You can get the SDA (Candybar smartphone) and the Dash (Q-like smartphone with WiFi) for $99 or the MDA (PocketPC - similar tot he Cingular 8125) for $199 with new service and a two year contract (after rebates and discounts). In addition you get free 2 day shipping, no activation fee, and free WiFi HotSpot service for your laptop with an unlimited data plan.

Go to this "secret" link before the deal expires http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/tmobile3/default.mspx


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  1. GerardoDada says:

    A few weeks ago I blogged about What’s New in Windows Mobile 6 for Developers, you can also check the

  2. Is the rebate offer still valid?

    The pdf rebate form says the purchase must be before July 31st. I want to buy it for my new school year.


  3. MSDN Archive says:

    Yes it is valid, in fact if you  call 1-866-464-8662  and mention promo code: Windows Mobile you should get it for $49. There is also a special price on the Wing.


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