Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on .NET versus Linux

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is a big Linux zealot and a writer for Linux Watch. I could not believe his last article where he acknowledges the .NET stack is superior to a LAMP stack mainly because the optimizations resulting from integration of multiple components from a single vendor

Basically he is accepting the fact that a centrally planned architecure from a single vendor is better than a community-created platform where multiple individuals contribute pieces of the stack.

The conclusions come from an extensive set of tests done by eWeek, which you probably have seen by now. Take a look at Steven's column here:,1895,1986774,00.asp

Comments (2)

  1. Rafael Mizhi says:

    I would rather recommend that anyone who read this post to go check Steven’s column at Linux-Watch to get your own conclusions.

    Please, let us not talk with sophisms and jump to conclusion that cannot be inferred from his column. You can make a point about eWEEK Lab test results, but cannot put words on  Steven’s own conclusions if they aren’t there.

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