Security Resource Kit for developers

As a developer, writing secure applications is not an option- it is paramount. We are putting together a new Microsoft Developer Security Resource Kit that brings together a host of valuable references and resources for developing more secure applications. In it you'll find:

  • Best practices: These guidelines, how-to documents, and checklists will help you integrate security issues into the development process.
  • Training: View webcasts and get access to loads of sample code to get you up to speed quickly on key security concepts.
  • Developer tools: Analyze your code for security flaws, run data queries, detect errors, and test for compatibility issues.
  • Technical articles and additional resources: Link up with online community and event resources. And when you order, you can also order Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 for a six-month evaluation

  • You pay only shipping and handling—you will be able to receive notice of future updates to these toolkit resources as content is added and revised. It's a great way to stay on top of security issues that affect developers.
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    Comments (5)
    1. Benjy says:


      I tried to order it but my country, United Kingdom is not listed in the country drop down. Is this not available to be shipped to the UK or is that a bug?



    2. Stephen Gennard says:

      I would love to look at the DVD but… I am resident in the UK!

      So, any idea.. Why can’t I have UK shipment address?

    3. MSDN Archive says:

      Stephen, the order page has a link for people in other continents, but the kit is not available yet in Europe. Thanks for pointing it out. I have asked the people in our EMEA team to look at this.

      In the meantime, for anyone in this situation, if you send me an email with your address (use the contact link in the blog) I will send the kit directly to you (as long as there are no export restrictions for encryption technology or something like that).


      -Gerardo Dada

    4. Donald says:

      Hi Gerardo,  Just a quick wee question: will this kit be included in the MDSN Enteprise licence updates or is it a seperate entity? (PS: I note the UK still isn’t in the drop-down, else I’d never have found this page in the first place!). Cheers.

    5. MSDN Archive says:

      It seems you can order the kit directly from our new Trials page at to be sent anywhere in Europe

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