Internet social networks put people in power

I found this very interesting: Thomas Hawk posted on his blog about a pretty bad experience with an online camera retailer that apparently has been extremely abusive of him as a customer. (Some unethical retailers post very low prices to try to sell expensive accesories, more like forcing you to buy them otherwise cancelling the order). In less than 24 hours I have seen this post referenced in two forums I participate in (one is a prhography forum) and it is also at

If you are regular visitor you know anything with over 500 "diggs" is a pretty popular stoy - this one has over 3700 on last count. It reminds me about another story of customer servie abuse from a cable company that quickly made headlines.

I guess no one tought the Internet would enable these kind of powerful real-time conversations in social networks that give individuals with interestiung ideas so much instant power and visibility. I think it is fantastic!


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