Creative Zen – this is the time!

For months, experts have been saying it won't be long before an ecosystem of leading industry players (Sony, Creative, Nokia, Samsung, etc) will out-innovate Apple's iPod. Except for the Shuffle and a few minor improvements (bigger drives and color screens), the iPod has not changed much since its creation. The collective brainpower, resources and innovation is no match for a single company (even as good as apple) with a single product line.

The proof is the new creative Zen. Its sleek and modern steel (a la Moto Razr) design is much more appealing to me than the plasticky-white iPod. With MP3 support, you can buy songs from a dozen or more stores (not only iTunes) or you can rent a whole library per month. Check it out for yourself 

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  1. Damien Guard says:

    I agree that the combined talents of the rest of the industry should be able to out-innovate the iPod especially when Apple have left it still for so long.

    But this device doesn’t seem to innovate anything. FM tuner, WMA and mic support are available elsewhere….

    You may be able to buy songs from dozens of stores but that doesn’t include iTunes Music Store (iTMS) as the device does not have AAC FairPlay support.


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