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All good things come to an end… After four fantastic years, my time at Microsoft is coming to an end. It has been an incredible journey and I have had amazing experiences. Despite all its challenges (all comanies have them) Microsoft is an incredible company – one in which you can really change the world. I…


Secret Hero device: the HP 910. Can it beat the iPhone?

After all the fanfare, excitement and expectations for Steve Job’s iPhone 3G announcement, many people were left wanting more. From a device perspective, there were no surprises: the iPhone had everything people already knew: 3G, GPS, lower price. Still, the media went crazy about the iPhone, as expected. One element of the keynote that surprised…


Is Microsoft Green?

I believe every company has a responsibility to be Green – companies like MIcrosoft who consume a vast ammount of resources and who are industry leaders have a bigger responsibility. This is why I thought I would share the link for the Microsoft page that talks about everything Microsoft is doing to be green (such…


Samsung Omnia

In case you missed it, the Samsung Omnia was announced recently. Still unknown if it will come to the US soon. Anyway, it is a VERY COOL phone. Check it out… 


Is Opera Mobile 9.5 the Best Mobile Broser?

I use the browser on my WM6.1 phone quite often, and while the experience its not optimal, it works. There are a few sites that do not render properly and a few that use desktop-browser features that make the site not usable from a mobile phone. IE Mobile is an order of magnitude better than…


Check out the New HTC Diamond

  When I saw the first picture a while back I was unimpressed with the successor of the HTC Touch. Now that it is out, I think it is a pretty amazing phone. From a design perspective, the diamond edges are original – although to me they look more like the angles on a stealth…


Mobile Gadgeteer on BlackBerry dominance

I read a pretty interesting posting from Matthew Miller, ZDNet’s Mobile Gadgeteer about threats to RIM’s dominance int he business market. Here are two key paragraphs: People may say that BlackBerry devices are reliable and their email always just works. I have been using Windows Mobile devices for years and for the last three I…


The Best Windows Mobile Blogs

You probably know that blogs are big at Microsoft. They are encouraged to get people to connect directly with customers and to understand real-world problems. There are a few great blogs in the WIndows mobile team. These are some of the best (please let me know if you know of others!). “Is that a Windows…


Check the Microsoft Surface at the AT&T Store

 Microsoft Surface Arrives at AT&T Stores Here is a shorter amateur version from a customer   And a short ad from AT&T  Microsoft Surface experience coming to AT&T


Brazil does their Census with Windows Mobile PDAs

Over 5,000 cities and 82,000 Windows Mobile devices. The application runs on the .NET compact framework and uses SQL Server CE. The government saved time (6 months) and money and enjoyed significantly more accuracy while avoiding fraud. The Brazilian government is so happy witht he results, they expect expect to deploy 300,000 devices by 2010. You can…