Help make Microsoft developer technologies better!

Ron Jacobs just blogged about how .NET developers can provide feature feedback and vote on WCF/WF features. Many Microsoft product teams are doing this nowadays. It still surprises me how many .NET developers don’t realize these feature voting sites exist. In addition to WF/WCF, I am aware of these:…


OQuery – A fluent API to build OData url queries sans LINQ

Yesterday, I blogged about a solution to compose OData / WCF Data Service queries using LINQ for situations where LINQ enabled client libraries don’t exist (i.e. JavaScript and Windows Phone 7). The post is all about using LINQPad as a tool to write your LINQ queries, then using the feature in LINQPad that gives…


Data Services (OData) Client for Windows Phone 7 and LINQ

  The WCF Data Services Team released a client library to make it easier to interact with OData services from Windows Phone 7. The major caveat (and bummer) with the library is that “LINQ support in the client library has been removed as the core support is not yet available on the phone platform.” …


My first time being the interviewee

I’ve interviewed customers over the years for Ch9, but this is the first time I was interviewed.  Zhiming Xue (aka “Dr. Z”) interviewed me about my WP7 app.  Check it out if you are interested:


Code Coverage for Silverlight and Windows Phone

As part of building my WP7 app, I spent a fair amount of time trying to get code coverage working for my unit tests. I tried a number of different approaches including using the Silverlight Unit Test Framework and NUnit + dotCover. I finally landed on an approach that worked for me using the unit…


SHAMELESS PLUG: My First WP7 Marketplace App

UPDATE: A great majority of people never look at an app unless it is free.  Even though the manual rate lookup feature of my app is free through trial mode and never times out, I decided to publish an identical version of the app with trial mode behavior called “Free Per Diem Rates” so the…


First Published Government App for Windows Phone 7

Pat, who is one of my teammates, just blogged about a project he’s been working on with Sunlight Labs.  It’s an app called Congress for Windows Phone 7.  Check it out:


Windows Phone 7 and SharePoint 2010

I always hesitate to publish a blog post that is just a link to someone else’s.  However, sometimes you just want to make sure people know certain posts exists.  This is one from Paul Stubbs (@PaulStubbs on twitter) qualifies: Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint 2010 –


Big Windows Phone 7 Announcements Today!

You will be able to watch the announcements live today starting at 9:30 eastern from: If you prefer not to watch the video, but just check in on what’s being announced, check out engadget’s liveblog: Don’t forget to download the free tools from: Once you have the tools, you will surely want…


Share your ideas about phone apps with a Government focus

Joel just published a blog post on my team’s blog about a site we’ve created to get more people thinking about building apps with a government focus: Check it out and please help spread the word.