Multi-Touch Dev Dinner this week in Reston, Va

In case you missed it through the DevDinner tag on my team blog (official place for Developer Dinner posts), MSDN Flash, or… Timezone: Eastern Time Start Time: 2/24/2010 6:00:00 PM End Time: 2/24/2010 8:00:00 PM Title: Microsoft Developer Dinner: Hands-on Natural User Interfaces: Multi-touch development with Silverlight and WPF 4 Description: The Natural User…


WEBCAST: Microsoft and IDV Solutions at Work for the Enterprise

Jerry asked me to help spread the word. “… Visual Fusion from IDV Solutions combines with Bing Maps, SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies to create a visual mashup platform, empowering organizations to unite data from otherwise incompatible sources – enterprise data stores, Web feeds, spreadsheets and more – into rapidly-built, interactive and collaborative applications that…


Integrating Virtual Earth 3D into WPF and Surface Applications for Mere Mortals

I just published a Channel 9 interview with Josh Wall and Josh Blake from InfoStrat about their Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Surface controls that make integrating Virtual Earth 3D a breeze.  Check it out: “Virtual Earth 3D has many applications, but until recently has only been practical on the web with a JavaScript…


Virtual Earth / MapDotNet webcast

Interested in learning how to build Virtual Earth solutions and lowering the amount of custom code you need to write?  Have a look at the upcoming webcast Jerry just blogged about: Microsoft Virtual Earth May 2009 Webcast: Virtual Earth & MapDotNet for Economic Development


InfoStrat.VE – Intermediate fix published for the latest 3D control

Due to popular demand, InfoStrat just published an intermediate fix to get their InfoStrat.VE control working on top of the latest Virtual Earth 3D release.  You will notice that they just made a changeset available.  What they made available is not fully tested.  Once it is, they will publish a new release in the Downloads…


InfoStrat releases a Virtual Earth control for both WPF and Surface to CodePlex

I’ve been waiting for this day to happen for a LONG TIME.  I’ve been working with WPF, Virtual Earth, and Surface for quite a while now.  If you’ve followed my blog, you’ve seen some hacked up samples showing various ways of getting Virtual Earth integrated into a WPF application.  I’ve been working with a number…


Microsoft Surface GIS Apps by Infostrat

I’ve been working with a number of partners lately on building Microsoft Surface apps.  Infostrat is one of them.  They have done some of the best Virtual Earth integration work I have seen so far.  Have a look at this video that highlights their work: Want to learn what Surface development is all about?  Check…


VEToolkit: A must have for all Virtual Earth Developers!

If you are building Virtual Earth solutions with the JavaScript control, then you absolutely have to download this toolkit.  Chris Pietschmann just announced the first official release.  Here’s how he describes the toolkit: “The Virtual Earth Toolkit is a set of JavaScript-based Controls/Tools that Extend Virtual Earth with functionality that is commonly implemented, but hasn’t…


RELEASED: Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper for 6.2

Thanks to the quick effort from Chris Pietschmann, I am happy to announce that we have an updated version of the Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper that is in sync with the update Virtual Earth Map Control 6.2.  You can learn more about what’s new in 6.2 at  UPDATE: I wanted to also mention…


Virtual Earth, SQL 2008, & GeoJSON

I’ve been chatting with Vish over email.  He made me aware his approach to getting SQL 2008 & Virtual Earth to play well together using GeoJSON.  I actually didn’t know about GeoJSON.  Thanks Vish!  Check out his post explaining the approach: Technorati Tags: .net framework,sql server 2008,virtual earth,wcf