REMINDER: SharePoint BCS connector for CRM

I’ve been going through a bunch of CRM integration scenarios to refresh my “hands on” abilities.  You have to do that in a job like mine, otherwise you’re just a talking head that doesn’t know what you’re talking about.  Anyway, the topic of integrating CRM with SharePoint beyond what’s available out of the box comes…


CRM 2011 OnPrem integrating with SharePoint Online

“Can I get the the integration the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 provides to work with SharePoint Online when my CRM 2011 deployment is OnPrem (i.e. installed inside my organizations private network or somewhere else that’s not CRM Online)?” The answer is Yes with a few caveats / configuration…


PubSec Dev Dinner on External Data and Services with SharePoint 2010

My old team is having a developer dinner tomorrow night titled Developing SharePoint 2010 Solutions Using External Data and Services.  See here for more details at “… What you will learn SharePoint 2010 allows developers to work with both internal and external data using Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Excel Services, Access Services and custom…


SCREENCAST: JavaScript Intellisense for SharePoint

In this screencast, you will learn how to get the most out of JavaScript programming with SharePoint 2010 projects in Visual Studio 2010. You will see how to get JavaScript Intellisense and debugging working for jQuery and the Client Object Model. You’ll also learn about the benefits of using the Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network…


Windows Phone 7 and SharePoint 2010

I always hesitate to publish a blog post that is just a link to someone else’s.  However, sometimes you just want to make sure people know certain posts exists.  This is one from Paul Stubbs (@PaulStubbs on twitter) qualifies: Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint 2010 –


Does jQuery ship with SharePoint 2010? (and why you should be using an Ajax CDN)

jQuery is one of the most popular javascript libraries used by ASP.NET developers.  In fact, jQuery ships with Visual Studio 2010.  It is in the “Scripts” folder of a new “ASP.NET Web Application” or “ASP.NET MVC 2 Web Application” project template. Does jQuery ship with SharePoint 2010?  Short answer: No.  I see this asked (publicly…


Check out the top 10 SharePoint 2010 resources

In case you didn’t see it:


LINQ to SharePoint DSL Extension for VS2010 This extension looks very useful!  I haven’t gotten around to trying it out just yet because I am in the process of rebuilding my SharePoint 2010 dev environment now that the product has released.  However, it essentially gives you “Add Service Reference” like capability so you don’t have to use spmetal to use LINQ…


FREE TRAINING: What’s New in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Developers

“This two-hour clinic describes various new features and enhancements that Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides developers. It describes how you can create and deploy SharePoint 2010 solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. It also describes how you can develop remote clients for SharePoint 2010 and develop SharePoint 2010 solutions that incorporate data from external line-of-business applications.”…


Great PDC session on SharePoint 2010 sandbox solutions I missed this session at PDC.  There were so many good sessions, it was hard to choose.  The good news is that the sessions are now showing up at  I didn’t get to elaborate on sandbox solutions in any great detail during my recent developer dinner presentation on SharePoint 2010 due to time…