A government cloud for Dynamics CRM Online

I’m happy to share that Curt Kolcun, Vice President, U.S. Public Sector at Microsoft, has just blogged some great news!  Check it out: http://bit.ly/1qVtfn5 @devkeydet


Doing CSS the right way with Dynamics CRM

One of a few practices I see when people customize Dynamics CRM that usually comes back to haunt them during update rollups or upgrades is directly referencing the CSS files and classes that come with the product.  It’s an innocent enough mistake, but the CSS files which ship with Dynamics CRM are intentionally not documented…


Capturing a signature in a CRM form using html5

Scenario: “I have a touchscreen.  I want to capture a signature in a Dynamics CRM form.  If the signature hasn’t been saved, then I want to allow a user to provide their signature.  The next time the record is loaded, after the signature has been saved, I want to load an imagine of the signature…


Tools to make sure you are writing upgradeable CRM customizations

With the release of CRM 2011 UR12, which introduced cross browser support, and the release of CRM 2013, there were two tools made available to you to check both your JavaScript code and your server side code for unsupported customizations: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Custom Code Validation Tool Legacy Feature Check Tool There’s an excellent…