MSDN Magazine Article: Building Government Business Applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I happy to share that the article Andy Schultz (@andrewbschultz) and I coauthored for the MSDN Magazine – Special Government Issue,  Oct 2013 has been published.  You can read the entire issue here: The article we wrote is titled Building Government Business Applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is available here: We set…


Debugging CRM web resources without ever deploying them

UPDATE: The steps explained below don’t work with CRM 2013.  However, Scott has a blog post which shows you how to get it working again: One of my last posts was sharing how I use Visual Studio to debug CRM web resources: This approach was one of those discoveries that makes us developer…


EUREKA: F5 debugging of CRM JavaScript web resources

Scenario: “Internet Explorer F12 JavaScript debugger is great, but I use Visual Studio.  I want to be able to set breakpoints in my JavaScript web resources which I author in Visual Studio, then hit F5 on the keyboard or Debug->Start Debugging from the menu or the Play Button on my toolbar just like I do…


North 52 Formula Manager = WOW

DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion.  I get nothing from the makers of this addon for expressing my opinion.  I’m a developer at heart.  I love writing code.  But I also abelieve in the “don’t write code unless you have to” philosophy.  Well, I finally got around to playing around with North 52 Formula Manager and…


Convergence 2013 Recordings

As Girish says in his post: “If you didn’t attend Convergence 2013, you can still watch the recording of the keynotes and breakout sessions by registering for the Virtual Convergence. Best part is that it is completely free!” More details here: @devkeydet


CRM and SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups

I’ve spent a fair amount of time lately talking to people about the benefits of using SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups in your CRM infrastructure.  I just came across a great video that’s a great primer on AlwaysOn Availability Groups: Here is a link to the SQL documentation as well: AlwaysOn is already…


TOOL HIGHLIGHT: CRM 2011 Web Resource Linker/Publisher

I’ve blogged previously about why I like the approach CRM Solution Manager uses for authoring web resources in Visual Studio.  While I think CRM Solution Manager is a fantastic tool, there are ways to get some of the benefits of it’s approach to web resource authoring with a couple other free Visual Studio addins.  The…


Authenticating to an Azure hosted web service from CRM Online Sandbox code

UPDATE (14MAR2013): Uploaded a modified sample which addresses storing credentials in secure config and adds comments around how to encrypt those credentials.  While I show a synchronous plugin in the demo for simplicity of the walkthrough, you should always evaluate whether your plugin logic can fire asynchronously if the action doesn’t require that the user…


Microsoft CRM Enterprise Academy

I work with enterprise customers and have been involved in a number of enterprise implementations of Dynamics CRM.  One of the #1 things I get asked all the time is “where is the enterprise CRM training?”  The Microsoft CRM Enterprise Academy is a 5-day instructor-led training which provides 300 level Advanced Development and Advanced Infrastructure…