LINQPad, CRM 2011, and using Office 365 accounts

I recently discovered that the LINQPad Plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 doesn’t support authenticating using Office 365 credentials.  According to commenter EdWells, you can copy the latest version of crmsvcutil.exe and microsoft.xrm.sdk.dll over the version that ships with the LINQPad plugin as a workaround.  However, this didn’t work for meSad smile.  Have no fear, LINQPad allows you to reference external dlls.  So I just manually ran crmsvcutil.exe, compiled the output into an assembly using Visual Studio, and then referenced the dll + appropriate dependent assemblies.


You add References/Imports via the properties dialog:


MsftIanImportTest.dll is the assembly I put the crmsvcutil.exe code in.


Here’s a basic example to get it all wired up:


UPDATE: I use LINQPad as a way to do things like update multiple records, etc.  I have a tip to improve execution time performance here.


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