CRM Solution Manager keeps getting better

Full disclosure, I received a free license from the authors of the tool.  However, I do believe it’s definitely worth the license fee. I’ve blogged previously about reasons for my fondness of the addin to Visual Studio for Dynamics CRM 2011 development.  Well they’ve recently introduced some new features that I think make it…


Make sure your CRM 2011 customizations will work with the upcoming cross browser release

UPDATE: The Dynamics CRM in the Field blog just published a useful post on Script Errors after Installing UR12. The next update to CRM 2011 introduces an expanded range of supported browsers.  You can learn more about the upcoming release here: Ahead of the release, the latest version of the CRM SDK has guidance…


Improving the performance of multiple Inserts, Updates, and Deletes via the CRM 2011 Organization Service

UPDATE: Now that Polaris/UR12 are out, the new bulk API is available.  Check out Sonoma Partners blog post on a simple benchmark of the improvements.  Now you can Combine the ne bulk API with client side parallelism to achieve even better performance.  I’ll put that on my ever growing “to blog” list.  However, if you followed this…


LINQPad, CRM 2011, and using Office 365 accounts

I recently discovered that the LINQPad Plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 doesn’t support authenticating using Office 365 credentials.  According to commenter EdWells, you can copy the latest version of crmsvcutil.exe and microsoft.xrm.sdk.dll over the version that ships with the LINQPad plugin as a workaround.  However, this didn’t work for me.  Have no fear, LINQPad…


Getting started with the CRM 2011 Windows Store app sample

UPDATE (18APR2013): Updated AuthenticateAsync() extension method to handle both IFD and CRM Online authentication.  Now, the code in HelloCRM will work regardless of whether you point it to an IFD or CRM Online Organization Service.  All you have to do is pass in the appropriate username/password combo to AuthenticateAsync().  Quick link to updated code:….