Dynamics CRM 2011 Developer Tips and Tricks

Yesterday, I delivered a presentation with this title to the CRMUG US Public Sector SIG.  This deck is basically a set of things that I either wondered myself or have been asked by customers since shifting my focus from pure app dev to building solutions on Dynamics CRM as a development platform.  The deck links back to a number of my posts here as well as having some “coming soon” place holders that will become blog posts / how do I videos once I find the time.  Even though I don’t have published examples of all the things I mention in the deck, I have done sufficient “proof of concepts” that will be the basis for future posts.  The point being that I’ve gotten all this stuff working, I just need to clean it up and package it up as a post/sample/video.  I’ll be evolving this deck over time, including updates and additions.  When I do, I will update this post with the “what’s new” details.

direct link: http://dkdt.me/JUkQrl


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  1. Jamie Miley says:

    Great Presentation!

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