Script# & Dynamics CRM 2011

UPDATE: I’ve gotten feedback from folks that I should remind everyone that there is now a Dynamics CRM 2011 Script# Xrm.Page library. Script# (aka ScriptSharp) allows you to write C# code that compiles into JavaScript.  If you aren’t familiar with it, please watch this video first: I’ve been a fan of Script# ever since…


Dynamics CRM 2011 Administration Resources

NOTE: I will update this post periodically. Although my focus is on Dynamics CRM 2011 as a development platform, I get asked about Administration resources all the time.  Basically, you need the fundamental admin skills required for the underlying technologies Dynamics CRM 2011 builds on: Windows Server, SQL Server (including Reporting Services), IIS, and understanding…


The best CRM Ribbon editing tool…IMHO I started using it a few days ago…this is how it should be done.  @devkeydet


Unit Testing with CRM 2011

I have a more involved blog post on this on the TODO list, but have promised a few folks some links to resources on how to unit test CRM/xRM code you write.  If you Bing (or that other search engine) “Unit Test” and “CRM 2011” you will come up with some good ideas that cover…


My CRM 2011 Validation Framework

I’ve been working on a validation framework for Dynamics CRM 2011.  I’ve published the first cut of the code.  It’s a little rough still, but I’ve been promising the sample to a few customers so I wanted to get the first working version out there.  Right now, it only supports regular expression validation.  However, if…