What does a custom CRM solution look like?

UPDATED with the Grants Manager solution accelerator...

There are many examples that I will be blogging about.  Here is one that uses both Dynamics CRM 2011 Online and Windows Azure or Dynamics CRM 2011 and Windows Server on-prem.


Microsoft 311 Accelerator for Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft 311 Service Center accelerator is an integrated citizen services framework that helps to streamline the processes in a citizen service center. It provides a framework to service citizen requests, provide information, manage back office processing, and utilize resources efficiently. The 311 Service Center accelerator is built on the fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Windows Azure platforms, providing both on-premises and online delivery models.

The second link in this post has a video overview of the accelerator.  You can download the solution, including source code from the CodePlex link.

Another one to look at is:


Grants Manager is a solution accelerator designed to help
government organizations and educational institutions to quickly deploy a grant
management system and customize it to their needs. Each deployment will require
tailoring to the specific needs of the organization.


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  1. Microsoft 311 citizen services solution accelerator Rocks!

    I am a developer in a team who working on a CRM-based solution for a government project. CRM is a new technology for our team and I kinda have some hard time to figure out how to use the CRM technology to reach our goals. After struggling for several days to reading books, learn e-learnings, still feel there is a big gap from the requirements and using this technology to build a solution. Fortunately, we are introduced Microsoft 311 citizen services solution accelerator here, this is exactly the stuff we are looking for and we really need, the 311 solution showed us how to create, build and structure an enterprise-level CRM solution, which is hard to find from any other books, online tutorials or videos. I am still studying and will study more of this project, I believe our team will beneficial a lot from the 311 project and I personally recommend any team want to use CRM as the basis of their solution to study and do research on this project, which will give you the best return with the smallest time invest!

    Thank YOU! 311 Team!

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