FOLLOW UP: DevDinner – Developing for Windows 7 using the .NET Framework

As always, thanks to those of you who attended.  You can find the deck here:

The Surface 1.0 videos are there as well.

Some of my code demos came from other sources:

Don’t forget that these resources have tons of samples, slides, hands on labs, etc.

The demos I wrote (mostly the .NET 4.0 and touch demos) need a little clean up, organization, etc. before I make them public.  I’ll blog about them soon. 

Joe Healy has some additional .NET samples here.  Some of my stuff was inspired by Joe.  Also, a shout out to Jared Bienz.  The Sensor and Location demo I showed was a modified version of the Hands On Lab he wrote that’s in the latest release of the Windows 7 Training Kit.

Also, there is a new set of videos collectively titled Windows 7 New Features for Managed Code Developers:

I haven’t had a chance to review them, but I don’t believe these videos cover .NET 4.0.  I think it is all 3.5 SP1.

As I mentioned, keep an eye out for next month’s dinner.  We will be announcing it soon.  The topic will be SharePoint 2010 from a developer’s perspective.  As I mentioned last night, I never really warmed up to SharePoint development until now.  To me, SharePoint 2010 is the first version that feels familiar and approachable for the typical ASP.NET developer.  I hope to convey that at the next dinner.

As always, if you or your company do work for the US Government, are looking to adopt any of the new Windows 7 features in your applications, and want to some help from our team of evangelists, then feel free to contact us through our team blog:

Comments (3)

  1. Steve says:

    A question related to the parallel talk. What is the future of openMP in Visual Studio?

  2. Marc says:

    From Joel Reyes who presented the Parallel extensions session:

    "Our Parallel dev tools support OpenMP, MPI and the newest nextgen stuff like (FX, MPI.NET, and CCR/DSS).

    For Open MP we have MS OpenMP with Visual C++ this implements full conformance to the OpenMP 2.0 standard. Support for .NET and OpenMP so the compiler generates MSIL for OpenMP code. "

    BTW, can you ask any follow up questions on this post instead:


  3. Salvador says:

    I like your presentation, but in special when you explain that it was easy to make some touchscreen program very clearly, thanks.

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