Bing Maps roadshow in Reston

Want to get up to speed on the latest release of Bing Maps including both the Ajax and Silverlight controls as well as the SOAP web services?  Don’t miss the upcoming roadshow in Reston, Va.  Details: “At this event, experts will provide an overview of Bing Maps as a powerful visualization tool for geographic…


EventToCommand + DataStateBehavior eases MVVM pain

  MVVM is a pattern.  There are all sorts of MVVM frameworks popping up that help make implementing the pattern easier.  If you select the MVVM tag off of, you will find a number of them: One I have recently grown fond of is  The reason I like this one is because…


Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch

Robert Levy from the Surface team and Anson Tsao from the WPF team gave a great session on: Multi-Touch on Microsoft Surface and Windows 7 for .NET Developers The session is definitely worth watching if you are interested in building multi-touch apps on Windows 7.  In the session, they announced the Surface Toolkit for Windows…


Great PDC session on SharePoint 2010 sandbox solutions I missed this session at PDC.  There were so many good sessions, it was hard to choose.  The good news is that the sessions are now showing up at  I didn’t get to elaborate on sandbox solutions in any great detail during my recent developer dinner presentation on SharePoint 2010 due to time…


Silverlight touch just got easier

I’ve been waiting for this to happen!  The Surface team ported their Manipulation and Inertia APIs to Silverlight 3+.  They’ve made them available for download at: This is a must have set of APIs if you are interested in building multi-touch solutions on Windows 7 with Silverlight 3+.


ADO.NET Data Services for Java and PHP developers

Every time I talk about ADO.NET Data Services, I mention that they can be consumed by any API that allows you to make http requests.  I usually show how you can use the Add Service Reference feature of Visual Studio to generate proxy classes to make it simple to interact with the data service.  Finally,…


FOLLOW UP: Developer Dinner on SharePoint 2010

Thanks to everyone for coming out.  As I mentioned at the dinner, we will skip December due to the holidays.  We will start up in January again.  Topic and date TBD.  Here’s the deck I used today: Keep an eye out for the hidden slides.  There are quite a few more slides than I actually…


SQL Azure and SSMS: happy together

SQL Server Management Studio Support for SQL Azure More details: One of the things they don’t mention in the post is that all this works in SQL Server Management Studio Express!  Go get it: Happy SSMSing with SQL Azure!!!


Going to PDC?

I am looking to connect with my customers at PDC.  So if you work or are doing work (as contractor, consultant, etc.) for a US Government organization, then drop me a line here.  I’d love to connect at PDC.