NEW RELEASE: Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper

I am happy to announce that we have a new release of the Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper to bring Intellisense in sync with the new Virtual Earth Map Control 6.1.  In addition to 6.1 compatibility, we also made the following enhancements:

  • Consolidated all scripts into a single VEJavaScriptIntellisenseHelper.js file for better portability
  • Updated Default.aspx to point to the 6.1 Map Control
  • Updated Default.aspx.js to explain how to get intellisense everywhere for a page level map variable
  • Added a readme.txt with history

The quick turnaround is a huge testament to the hard work of the devs on this project.  Although I spent a good set of hours coordinating, writing a little bit of code, and "building" this release, the majority of the work was done by the community in their free time!

We haven't figured out a way to unit test Intellisense:) or an automated way to validate the helper against the SDK so there is always a chance we missed something.  If you you find any bugs or missing pieces, please file a work item at  You can download 6.1.041708.1040 here.

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