WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Building WPF Applications in Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend

Thanks to everyone who attended!  You can download the deck here and the demo code here.  As always, if you missed it, you should be able to view a recording within 24 hours by following the original registration link.  I have also add the recording link to my list of recorded webcasts here.

Comments (4)

  1. SoulSolutions says:

    Sorry I missed the live session Marc – slept throught the 4:30am alarm here in Australia 😉

    I look forward to watching the recording when it comes online.


  2. David says:

    I’m the person who asked the question about the VS 2008 Hands-On-Labs that were available at the ‘Heroes Happen Here’ rollout event in Chicago last week. The WPF HOL was really good–I learned more about WPF (and LINQ!) in an hour of folling around with that HOL than I’ve gotten from most of the books I read.

    Do you know if the HOLs are going to be available online? I’ve checked the ‘Heroes Happen Here’ site, and I didn’t see them.

  3. keydet says:

    I’ve asked the folks who are coordinating the launch.  I’ll post an answer when I get one.  Thanks.


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