Fuzed RSS Feeds for App Studio Using Yahoo Pipes

I’m teaching a class this fall where students are required to publish an app using App Studio.  One student has a great idea for an app, but her solution requires quite a number of feeds to be represented.  App Studio only allows you to have six sections in the main page. If a dev wants to…


Consuming GeoCode YHOO API via REST – Dealing with Multiple Results – Part 4

This is the fourth part of my Consuming Services with Windows Phone series. Previously we covered using HttpWebRequest to grab a Yahoo GeoCoding XML feed and process a single geopoint result. In this post we are going to finish out the previous article by handling multiple return results.  The query URL we used for a…


Consuming GeoCode YHOO API via REST – Windows Phone Services Consumption – Part 3

This is the third part of our “Consuming Services with Windows Phone” series. Previously we covered using WebClient and HttpWebRequest to get raw XML data from a URL on Windows Phone. Now that we know how to fetch data from a URL, let’s take a look at how to parse and process the returned data….