AdalException : authentication_ui_failed with ADAL and Xamarin Forms Android

Recently I was helping a client with an Azure Active Directory integrated project ( ADAL not MSAL for some various reasons ) . All was going well and good as I plugged away with the various integration pieces.   We are targeting Xamarin Forms on this project.   Luckily there was a great blog post by Mayur…


Easy Blog with WordPress, Azure Web Apps and the Azure Gallery

WordPress is a very popular platform. Using Azure plus Web Apps plus the Azure Marketplace you can easily spin up a WordPress site without having to touch any code. The provisioning process takes care of code installation, Web App initialization, and even creating a MySQL database for you. For one of my engagements I was…


Easy Blog with BlogEngine.NET, Azure Web Apps and Azure Gallery Video

Azure plus Web Apps plus the Azure Marketplace offer an easy route to spin up solutions quickly and efficiently in the cloud. The provisioning process takes care of Web App initialization, databases, resource groups and more. For one of my engagements I was asked to come up ways to spin up online properties like blogs…


IDFLinkable – August 17, 2015 – BootCamp, Windows 10, Phone, Android, Machine Learning

Things cool and interesting in the Microsoft Developer Platform as it pertains to Florida and the Microsoft Developer scene, as well as various tech things I’m into.   WINDOWS 10 NetFlix app won’t stream fix – How Microsoft is Improving the NFL with Surface 3 Tablets on Sidelines and New App in Living Rooms -…


Azure – Six different ways to try it out

There are quite a number of folks using Azure out there. If you are just starting out with Azure there are a number of routes to getting started with it. As of this post in August 2015 there are no less than six different ways for you to get going with Azure for your cloud…


Mac Remote Desktop Connection Error connecting to Azure Virtual Machine

I’m at a University the other day working with a startup. The startup gent hasonly a Mac, but want to some Windows Store App development. Being the evangelist, I say “Great, let’s setup an Azure client VM for you that you can hit via your Mac, and your life will be wonderful.” So we provisioned…


Get-AzureVM: Your Azure credentials have not been set up or have expired, please run Add-AzureAccount to set up your Azure credentials

Azure is a pretty sweet cloud environment, with a powerful management portal to help you drive ops.  But the management portal isn’t enough when it comes to quickly scaling up operations. PowerShell is available from a DevOps perspective to script a large variety of tasks. Sometimes though, you get some strange errors out of PowerShell…


Cloud Camps Winter 2015 – Miami and Tampa Dates Announced

Note from the blog author: Cloud Camps are ramping up again and they’ve asked me to help get the word out. So the stock blurb is below. Peruse at your leisure and sign up for the nearest camp. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn the latest Microsoft Azure dev tools and technologies….


November Connect(); Event Downloads Now Online

On November 12-13 Microsoft held a virtual event called Connect(); Topics were geared towards Visual Studio vNext and Azure. If you would like to view it over forty sessions are available online at  . During the sessions a fully integrated cross platform demo was shown. I’m happy to announce the assets (aka code) for…


Azure Cloud DevCamps – Fall 2014

What: Azure Cloud DevCamp for Fall 2014 Where: Fort Lauderdale – October 29 Miami – November 18 Tampa – November 20 Other locations and addresses – see Registration:  Here’s your chance to roll up your sleeves and learn about the latest Microsoft Azure development tools and technologies. Join us at a Microsoft Cloud…