AdalException : authentication_ui_failed with ADAL and Xamarin Forms Android

Recently I was helping a client with an Azure Active Directory integrated project ( ADAL not MSAL for some various reasons ) . All was going well and good as I plugged away with the various integration pieces.   We are targeting Xamarin Forms on this project.   Luckily there was a great blog post by Mayur…


Rigging up Roslyn Analyzers in .NET Core

>> Update 06/11/2018.  Damiano Curia has pushed out a “more definitive” post on this topic.  Please check it out at … I love Live Code Analyzers in VS2017. The analyzers help identify bad coding patterns, resource leaks and just generally aid one be a better developer by alerting when things are not done optimally. Fun…


Exploring DataTable and SqlDBAdapter in ASP.NET Core 2.0

.NET Core 2.0 Preview was released May 2017.  Great timing as one of my customer was inquiring re DataTable and SqlDBADapter support in ASP.NET Core.  Instructions to wire it up are below. First, pull down my ASP .NET Core 1.1 SqlClientPlay11 project from  Instructions for building up this project are also at the previous…


Data access via SqlDataReader in ASP.NET Core 1.1 and 2.0

I’d been working with a client who wanted to access SqlServer directly from an ASP.NET Core application. I’d been using Entity Framework for my ASP.NET Core access so I had to dig in a bit on this one, especially for his DataTable, DataSet, and SqlDbAdapter questions ( see part2 of this article ).  Good news,…


On passing the Xamarin Mobile Developer Certification Exam

Microsoft likes us to have some technical certifications.  Personally I enjoy the challenges of the tests.  This year my goals were the Windows 10 UWP Developer exam ( Developing Mobile Apps 70-357 – )and the Xamarin Certified Developer accreditation ( ).  Earlier in the year I passed the UWP exam, so up next…


Roslyn Analyzer Deltas for VS2017 RC3

Analyzer Rules
Analyzer Rules

One of my favorite features in VS2015 is the Roslyn based live static code analyzers   Interactive IDE feedback on my code gives me  ‘opportunities for improvement’ to my code.  Think FxCop++ without having to build your project.  I like to say “in your face” developer education.  See “bad things” and fix them before some other…