Easy Blog with BlogEngine.NET, Azure Web Apps and Azure Gallery Video

Azure plus Web Apps plus the Azure Marketplace offer an easy route to spin up solutions quickly and efficiently in the cloud. The provisioning process takes care of Web App initialization, databases, resource groups and more.

For one of my engagements I was asked to come up ways to spin up online properties like blogs with little or no code. Accordingly, I've recorded a video of provisioning BlogEngine.NET into a Web App in Azure. BlogEngine is an easy to work with, CS;harp driven, blogging platform.

Watch the video below for a walk through using a Stop and Go tutorial format. After completing the video tutorial you will have stood up a complete blog in the cloud with no code and no database required.  And you'll have a publicly addressable URL to share your thoughts.

Comments (11)

  1. Lily says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! I made a blog with it @ tanginatorblogging.azurewebsites.net

  2. Kristopher Gates says:

    Deploying a BlogEngine.NET web app with Azure was fun and engaging, and I'm quite enamored with the Azure portal's blade interface. Having come from the AWS Management Console, the Azure portal's design seems very inviting by comparison. Here is my blog: unfoldedsoftwareblog.azurewebsites.net

  3. Chukwubuikem Ume-Ugwa says:

    Here is my blog link cleverapp.azurewebsites.net

  4. Allison Fan says:

    My blog is alliefan.azurewebsites.net

  5. Ivan EdelweissDev says:

    My blog link. Enjoyed the lecture! <a href="http://ivan123.azurewebsites.net">ivan123.azurewebsites.net</a&gt;

  6. Pat Emery says:

    Here is a link to my blogengine


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