//Build/ 2015 – the Aftermath

//build/ 2015 was one of those events that left you with that "oh heck do I have alot to catch up on" type feeling. From Windows 10, Astoria, UAP, Office Graph and more, there is a ton of things to think abot and absort. So how should you approach absorting all the goodies that came out of //build/? A few suggestions below.

First get a high level view of the big announcments. As you perse the announcements, think about topics that should be added to your list of technical debt, aka stuff you need to learn. My favorite summary level pics below:

Next, maybe you want some in-person //build/ fun? There are a set of //build/ tours going on. Limited city scope, but if you're lucky enough to be on the targeted list, they're definitely worth dropping in on. For more info see the //build/ tour at https://www.build15.com  .  No stops in Florida, nearest is Atlanta, a mere 400 to 1000 miles away from your Florida location, but a very scenic drive!

Finally, got that list of topics handy of things you want to learn more about. The //build/ videos are availabe on demand at - https://channel9.msdn.com/events/build/  . You can download them or view them online. If you're looking for an automated downloader, pull http://infoworks.tv/session-downloader-now-supports-build-2015/ and give it a go. Freshly updated for //build2015/.

What are you going to //build/ ? What was your favorite session? I personally liked the ConnectedCow keynote from day2.

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