Adding Multiple Users to a BizSpark Account

Did you know when you get BizSpark, you get an MSDN subscription? Most folks do. But did you know you can add up to four additional MSDN users to a BizSpark account, for a total of five MSDN users. Each with their own tools usage rights as well as a $150/month Azure usage credit for them?

I recently setup a startup company with BizSpark, and their CEO wasn't familiar with BizSpark. CEO asks "I registered with BizSpark, and will start to add content there. What I need to do now is get my developer access to the account so that he can get started. How do I add others to my membership? LMK, thanks...". So, here's how you add additional users to an existing BizSpark account.

STEP ONE - Login to the BizSpark portal using the Microsoft account with which you have BizSpark access - .

STEP TWO - Click on "My BizSpark".... Then Click "Manage" to get to the Membership Management page

STEP THREE - Add your users. Simply click "Add", fill in the data, and off you go. An email will be sent to the user with their BizSpark invite...

STEP FOUR - Your user will receive the BizSpark email. They should thank you very much for getting them the MSDN and BizSpark access

STEP FIVE  - Have the user sign in using the Microsoft account the invite was sent to. If necessary copy the link out of the email and put it into an in-private browser session if they are using multiple Microsoft accounts. When the user clicks the link, they will be at the BizSpark registration page. Fill out the details, accept the EULA and they are in. A link will be provided so they can navigate to their MSDN Subscription dashboard for tools download, Azure activation, and more...

STEP SIX - Have your users verify they now have MSDN access by logging into Note all the goodies provided in an MSDN account! Software downloads, Visual Studio Online (free private Git repositories), Windows Store accounts, O365 dev subscriptions, Microsoft E-Learning, and MSDN Magazine, as well as a few support incidents...


FAQ: Can I add all of my MSDN/BizSpark users Azure credits up, so I actually get 5x$150=$750 on Azure credits?
Answer - no. Normally I'd stop there, but here's the interesting thing. If you're legitimately pounding through $150/month on Azure systems, AND you live in Florida, email me and let's talk about BizSpark Plus to help you out. Think you are qualified for BizSpark and have a company registered in Florida. Email me as well. jhealy at microsoft dit com.

Comments (6)

  1. Thor says:

    Thanks, Joe.  You 'da man!…

  2. We are a Bizspark participant ( my email for the Bizspark program is I have used all five Bizspark accounts and I am now looking to upgrade my Visual Studio so that I have a ten license pack. I can’t see where to do this on any of the websites.

    Bill Constantine

  3. zeeshan says:

    hi, i cant find the manage users tab on the new bizspark portal, I need to add a new user, how do I do it now ?

  4. Alf Bae says:

    I cannot find a button for adding more account on my bizspark page at

  5. Ian says:

    Thanks, but on my my/BizSpark there is no “Manage” to click on…. any chance of an update on your article please?

    1. RaTT says:

      No “Manage” button there! Please help!

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