Azure – Why you gotta be so MEAN? (with apologies to Taylor Swift)

Having some social with Tampa Bay WAVE based startup guy EricN at a fine local establishment in Tampa the other night. We were discussing the MEAN stack he's been using on his project via (argh) AWS Virtual Machines.

MEAN led to a discussion of Windows Azure and its inherent but understated support of the MEAN stack across the board. But I really didn't have a quick set of resources available with bootstrapping, development, and scaling info. For posterity and SEO, below is an exerpt of my favorite learning, deployment and scaling resources for MEAN on Windows Azure.

First, What is MEAN? Valerbi Karpos of MongoDB's post on MEAN here defining the stack.  I believe he's credited with being the originator of the phrase - . Basically MEAN is a pure JavaScript stack conglomeration for full spectrum development.  Components areof MongoDB, ExpressJS (sometimes BackboneJS), AngularJS, and Node.Js. M-E-A-N. Valerbi does a good job of spelling out some of the synergies present. 

So here's my favorite links in each of the MEAN categories.  Enjoy.  Got extras talking about Azure + MEAN?  Post them in the comments and lets build the article base.


(really part of Node.js - see node.js below)




Azure - Why you gotta be so MEAN? with apologies to Taylor Swift
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