HSN Publishes Windows Store App – Florida Local Software Economies

One core tenent for me in my job as a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft in Florida has always been "help make Florida a great place to do software development". In Microsoft terms that's called Local Software Economies. And I truly LOVE seeing great apps from Florida that represent us well.

Home Shopping Network, a TV and online shopping powerhouse, just released their first Windows 8 app. Download here -> http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/hsn-shop-watch-play/d015c8d2-f9ca-4a61-bce7-8b17901ae914 .

HSNs app is not a wimpy app, aka just a shell around a web property.  The HSN app is a full featured ecommerce showcase.  Check out some of the goodness below.


  • Integrate shopping and commerce
  • Daily Specials
  • Favorites in items
  • TV Chat Area
  • Interactive Program Guide
  • Live chat for TV
  • Sweepstakes area

I've actually used the app to buy myself a Nokia 521 at rock-bottom, no-contract $69.95 prices. Straight up, no hassles. I'm scared to put this app onto my moms computer though. My inheritance will go out the window.   And I will use it again.  Check out their "no b-s" phone warranties.

QUICK CALL TO ACTION - Download the HSN Windows 8 App ( http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/hsn-shop-watch-play/d015c8d2-f9ca-4a61-bce7-8b17901ae914 ) and check it out from Please give the HSN app a rating and let HSN know what you think of it ( windows-key+c, settings, rate and review ) . Remember, 1=yuk, 3=meh, 5=wow .

By downloading the app and giving HSN some ratings feedback, I appreciate you supporting your LOCAL FLORIDA SOFTWARE ECONOMY . Hopefully more firms in the area will write some great Windows 8 apps. Course if you're a local firm, like HSN, and want to talk, reach out to me - jhealy at microsoft dot com.

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