Windows 8.1 Update – Error 8024401C – I’m sorry Dave I can’t do that – Domain joined machine failure

Windows 8.1 Update (aka Windows 8.1 Update for x64-based Systems (KB2919355)) is great. I love the minimizable and closable Modern App windows, and the search button on the home screen. I have it installed on a Samsung Series 7 Gamer rig (notebook), an HP 810 Elitebook, a HP Elitebook 8540, and an ASUS VivoTab Note 8 Slate.

Lots of fun to use, and easy to install!  Umm, wait. Fun, yes, but I did hit a bump in the road I thought I would share.

"Normallyl" you hop on over to my Windows Update area ( WinKey+C -> Settings -> Change PC Settings -> Update and Recovery -> Windows Update ) and check for updates. Hopefully you'll see Windows 8.1 Update for x64-based Systems (KB2919355), ready to go.

Maybe, if you're naughty, you might have a few updates and service packs to install first that you haven't installed previously. But let them that hast not sinned throw the first stone.

But.... (you knew this was coming) .  On my work domain joined machines ( the HPs are on the Microsoft Corpnet domain and running Windows 8.1 Enterprise edition ) I couldn't run the normal Windows Update stuff. I received the screen below indicating "There was a problem checking for updates", and "Get More Info" or let me try again. Naturally, try again did nothing.

Click on more info, get the screen below.   OK, a 8024401C error.  Lets "Get Help with error 8024401C".

Good hour or two reading the notes and futzing.  Nothing in any of the docs really helped me at all. Hand+palm+face.  Drink cup of coffee, play a round of WorldOfTanks on XBox.

Resolution. Back on the Windows Update screen, on my domain joined, enterprise udpated machine, there is an option to "Check for Updates from Microsoft Update, instead of from your system admin (this will turn off automatically when updates are done)." I clicked the option, then clicked the Check Now button, and all was good. Four machines down, more to come....

Hoping this helps out someone stuck in a pickle down the road...

The "I'm sorry dave" title inspired by and dedicated to the #ThirstyDeveloper - @davebost - who passed on April 7. A great peer and co-conspirator in the inner circle of evil DEs. Slainte and sveikas, I'll have a pint in heaven with you.

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  1. jhealy says:

    If you don't find the option available it may have been suspended, depending on your situation.  See…/Microsoft_suspends_Windows_8.1_Update_release_to_businesses for more info.

  2. kinger says:

    It worked!  Thanks for getting me out of my pickle!

  3. jhealy says:

    @kinger – np, drove me batty

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