Durandal KickStarter

You've all heard of "support your local farmers", right? Well this is the geek version of that train of thinking. Support your local developer!

Rob Eisenberg, all around good guy and stalwart of the Tallahassee .NET community has stepped forth with a kickstarter for his Durandal platform. Durandel is a rich client application development JavaScript library usig conventions like MVP, MVP, and MVVM. It builds on jQuery, Knockout, and RequireJS.

Exciting stuff, no? So how can you help? Well, first give Durandal a go and work it through its paces. Rob loves feedback.

Liking Durandal after playing with it a bit? Consider supporting his KickStarter. If the KickStarter is down by the time you read this, reach out to Rob and see how you can help...


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