HP u160 Flip-n-Fold Portable Monitor – Gadget Time!

My primary laptop is a HP EliteBook 810. Things I like about it include very small form factor, great battery life, i7 processor, 12 gig of ram, 256gig ssd for a hard drive, touch/swivel display, backlit keyboard, usb3, displayport, nfc, buildin gsm radio stack, mil-spec 810G tested for abuse, and more.

So what don't I like about my Elitebook. The display ( 11 inch ) is a bit small for coding work. I travel a good bit an often miss my bit monitors I have at home.

So Mr @jacuomo heard my grumblings and told me to check out the HP u160 "Flip-n-Fold" monitor. The u160 is a flip up 15.6 in LED backlit display. I've had it now for about 10 roadtrips and its solid. Pull the monitor (in its awesome attached case) out of my backpack, flip it up, plug in one usb port, and off we go. Resolution is solid but a little washed out at 1366x768.

The u160 is very convenient, and saves me time after time in those "I wish I had a big monitor to work with on this" scenarios. Check it out, and I've posted a video below so you can see it in action. I know just using it in my Florida community, at least five other people have purchased them. And now its a perma piece of gear in my tacklebox. At least until the touch version comes along. Enjoy.

Comments (3)

  1. Eivind says:

    If you find one with full HD resolution some time, please tweet about it.

  2. jhealy says:

    @elvind – I will, but I'm doubting I'll find one with the options that attracted me to this model. 1) cheap – basically if it breaks I get a new one 2) the case makes it so portable… 3) super easy setup … I'm taking all of that before HD right now.

  3. Great tech! I wish I knew about portable monitors sooner. Too long have I been just carrying some fragile second monitor in my hand like some silly caveman!

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