fla-windev – Keeping in Touch with Florida Devs

My mission is to help devs publish apps on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Azure in Florida.

Being focused primarily on developers in Florida can be a challenge. Florida is a very diverse and geographically distributed state. I wanted to bring to Florida a sense of "local software economies" around Microsoft platforms. Aka attempt to make a software economy around our platform in a territory where people do not naturally play together.

So for the past couple years, I've been running the Florida Windows Developer Platform mailing list ( aka fla-windev ) with the intent of having developers from the far reaches of the state communicate and share information with each other, as well as sharing events and technical learnings.  Basically sign up for a mailing list, and you having over 200 instant "local" developer buddies to bounce things off of.

 Requirements for entry? Be a software developer living in Florida who is interested in having conversations around Windows-* platforms. Don't be a jerk.  Keep it technical, not "platform gripey".  And a few other rules....

Interested in learning more? The sign up process, as well as the various rules around the list are posted on my wiki at http://dfwiki.devfish.net/technology.fla-windev-groups-live-com-Mailing-List.ashx . The list is 'noisy', but is rewarding. Learn to use those outlook email rules and hope to see you on the wire!

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