App Studio for Windows Phone BETA Released


Interesting new tool for Windows Phone developers is now in beta. Meet App Studio for Windows Phone.

App Studio guides you through building an app consuming various data sources.

Outputs will include a .xap ready to be sideloaded enterprise style via a supplied certificate, as well as source code for the application.

Note this tool is browser driven - no Windows 8 machine required - if you're not going to modify the source code that is. There are plans on the way for more goodies, so keep posted.

This is similar to appmakr or followmyfeed with a few very key differences. The 3rd party rapid app dev / prototyping tools for generating apps generally dont't give you source code, charging for various aspects of their platform.  Nor are the 3rd party tools offered and supported by the OS vendor (Apple, Google, or Microsoft).

Interesting scenarios include :


  • Aspiring devs - put their ideas into play, modify, extend
  • Accomplished dev looking for a quick look-and-feel tool - whiteboard or coding with extension in mind
  • "Family Apps" - app doesn't have to be published to share it via certificate install path
  • Enthusiast - develop own app, show to friends and such

If build some apps with this, let me know via a comment here.


Comments (7)

  1. Chris Gomez says:

    I was going to try this out, but it is asking me for an invitation code, which I can't find anywhere.

  2. Morten says:

    Don't we have plenty of mediocre apps already? This is obviously a ploy to get the app count up. This worries me.

  3. Paul Smith-Keitley says:

    @Morten, there are plenty of mediocre apps out there for android and iOS too, but the journalists seem to focus on the way higher numbers they have – regardless of quality.

  4. Robert says:

    It would be nice if I could even get to this App, but so far other than a PDF that has some info every other links simply gets a 500 error which others have also reported.

  5. jhealy says:

    @chris – email link on there to request an invite code

  6. jhealy says:

    @Robert – something weird with the non-default page link.  Try ( with the default.htm added ) and it should work.  I'll add that to this post and let them know.

  7. jhealy says:

    @morten – I could definitely see using it to get a starter base of code.  there are some bigger plans for it like extensibility and customization.  its a start to the journey, not an end point.

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