Windows Phone Training Kit – April 2013 Update

The updated Windows Phone 8 Training Kit is live!

This kit contains 20 Hands-On Labs and a set of 6 presentations that can be used to drive code camps or for general training purposes.

HANDS ON LABS include:

  • Hello Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone Navigation and Controls
  • Windows Phone Screen Orientation
  • Persisting to Windows Phone Storage
  • Using Background Transfer Services in Your Application
  • Windows Phone Application LIfe Cycle-Tombstoning
  • Using Local Database in Windows Phone
  • Using Tiles and Notifications in Windows Phone
  • Live Tiles
  • Using Push Notifications in Windows Phone
  • Changing the Lockscreen Background in Windows Phone
  • Voice Commands
  • App-To-App Communication in Windows Phone
  • Choosers in Windows Phone
  • Launchers in Windows Phone
  • Access Azure Cloud Services from Windows Phone 8 Devices
  • Running Tracker Application
  • In-App Purchase and Trial Conversion for Windows Phone
  • Porting Windows 8 Applications to Windows Phone

Ready to go PRESENTATIONS include:

  • Fundamentals
  • Developing for WP8 and Windows 8
  • Developer Lap Around
  • More than an App
  • Sensors
  • Store and Monetization

All of these make a great complication to the AppBuilder site –> …  Windows Phone is great, love to see ya’ll produce some great apps for it!

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