IDFLinkable – 14 Jan 2013–favorite links and Florida flavor

Essential Apps for Windows Phone –

Essential Games for Windows Phone –

Mark Cuban on Windows Phone –

McObject Embeddable Database for Win RT –

Windows Phone Emulator – Saving the state –

The Best Apps for Your New Windows PC –

Emulator Skins for WP8 –

Free web design and development classes from [|]

Porting a Windows Phone 7 app to Windows Phone 8 – Gary Davis –

Proximity Tapper for Windows Phone and Windows 8 – Allows you to build NFC apps in the emulator – – thanks Matthijs

Pull the Rope – NFC Proximity Game for WP8 – Proximity Tapper – NFC in the emulator for WP8 and Win8 –


Gary Davis – upgrades “Tivo Net Remote” to Windows Phone 8 –

Sean Dunsford, USF student, with “Mayan Pong” for Windows 8 – – download and rate, give him some student support!


Another good “list” blog – – Top 10 Developer Links for a Particular Day

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