Windows Phone Toolkit for Windows Phone SDK 8

Right after the release of the Windows Phone SDK 8.0, the Windows Phone Developer team has released the Windows Phone Toolkit for Windows Phone 8.0.  The toolkit is available from PhoneGap as NuGet package or as source code .  To download head over to .

Included are a number of controls,  as well as goodies like extension methods and page animations.

  • AutoCompleteBox
  • ContextMenu

  • CustomMessageBox

  • DateTimeConverters

  • DateTimePickers

  • Effects – SlideInEffect, TiltEffect and TurnstileFeatherEffect

  • ExpanderView

  • HubTile

  • ListPicker

  • LongListMultiSelector

  • Map extensions

  • PhoneTextBox

  • RatingControl

  • ToggleSwitch

  • Navigation transitions

  • WrapPanel

  • LongListSelector for 7.x

  • MultiSelect for 7.x

I’m always looking to see how the controls are wired up.  My personal recommendation is to pull the source code down, not necessarily the NuGet package.  The source code package has the wireups that show you how to use each control.

Happy coding….

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