Microsoft Ad SDK Expands to Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Mexico, Sweden, and Switzerland

On September 27, 2011, we announced the expansion of the Advertising SDK to a number of new markets . Today we are happy to announce, effective immediately, (hearing the updates for market selection may not be fully in there yet) the expansion of our markets to International expansion to Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland.  Hopefully you'll find a way to make some money in the newly opened areas. Enjoy.

ad chart

Some things to think about. What if you're still hitting countries with no Ad SDK support from Microsoft? Consider using a tool to roll in 'g' ads where you can't serve the pubcenter ads. Noted tools are and Brian Kassay of Tampa's also done an excellent job with his blog post of Using Multiple Windows Phone 7 Ad Providers, breaking out various options for you. More goodies on the Ad SDK and Ad Toolkits can be found in the devfish wiki .

Also think about localizing your apps. Yep, no everyone is speaking the english. Why deny them the joy of running your app (and making you some coin)? Nice set of localization tips are here in the devfish wiki .

Enjoy. Hope you make some great $$$s in all the countries I want to visit one day. Well, I've actually been to Mexico, France, USA, Netherlands, and the UK already. That leaves only 13 countries to complete my Ad SDK life tour!

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    Oops.  Left off master blog post for this at Oops – left off a link to the master blog post on this at…/pubcenter-expands-internationally-to-seven-new-markets.aspx  ….

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