New SketchFlow for Windows Phone Tutorials added to .toolbox

.toolbox offer resources, practical techniques, tips, and tricks about with Design Techniques in applications using Microsoft tools.

The .toolbox team just updated the tutorial list for Windows Phone to include some great new SketchFlow content. SketchFlow is a rapid application prototyping tool that integrate with Blend. New tutorials include:

Using SketchFlow Part 1: Discovering Basic Principles of UX Design for Windows Phone Codenamed "Mango"
Using SketchFlow Part 2: Adding References and Sample Data to your Windows Phone Codenamed "Mango" Project
Using SketchFlow Part 3: Creating a Customized WrapPanel for Windows Phone Codenamed "Mango"
Using SketchFlowPart 4: Customizing Existing Controls to Create the UI for Windows Phone Codenamed "Mango"
Using SketchFlow Part 5: Adding Behaviors to Your ListBoxItems for Windows Phone Codenamed "Mango"

After working through the SketchFlow tutorials you may want to learn more about SketchFlow. A great resource is Sara Summer's book Dynamic Prototyping with SketchFlow in Expression Blend: Sketch Your Ideas...And Bring Them to Life! .

Note these join an existing list of tutorials on the site for Windows Phone, which include:

Metro Design Language of Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7: Starting to Design an Application
Design Tips and Tricks for Windows Phone 7
Layout Tips and Tricks of Windows Phone 7
Taking Advantage of Photoshop Templates
FXG Import and Workflow
Designing for Gestures on Windows Phone 7

A full list of Windows Phone and other tutorials from .toolbox are at . Tight lines, and go build some apps!

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